A Wholistic Touch

Mission Statement

"Our Australian Shepherd, a fit 9 1/2 year old abruptly stiffened up and began having problems with his hindquarters that would leave him in a heap. The stairs became a danger zone. After 3 sessions with Debbie, the stiffness is gone and I no longer have to walk behind him prepared to catch his back half! It's been months now and he hasn't had a single problem. I couldn't be happier with the results."

Mary Lauren-Vagt Diamond Springs, CA

"No Way! (I thought) not another alternative therapist for animals!!! I had tried them ALL and ended up a bit skeptical. But when I met Debbie, something was different about her. Her energy was warm and open. She came to me for horse lessons and wanted to work on my horses in a trade. I didn't think I had any 'problems' for her... until she noticed one of my horses with hives. (He'd had them for 2 months, conventional methods failed) Debbie offered to do a treatment on my gelding. In one treatment the hives were half gone! My gelding was hive-free after the third treatment. Don't pass up an opportunity to see what Debbie can do for your animals. I would recommend her to anyone."

Ann Soule
Equine Behavior Specialist
Foothill Equestrian Center, Fiddletown, CA

My cat Albert, age 3, suffered what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown after moving and undergoing a major change in lifestyle.  Normally a very affectionate and easygoing cat, Albert became dangerously aggressive toward people, making serious unprovoked attacks. He also suffered from severe separation anxiety, crying for hours when left alone.  I am a psychotherapist and former vet technician, and I knew that Albert needed someone who could treat the whole cat--body and mind.  Within 48 hours of Debbie's first treatment all Albert's aggressive behavior stopped completely.  His incessant crying diminished, and after the second session he could calm himself down.  Debbie's work probably saved Albert's life.  I have my loving, funny, sweet Albert back. I didn't know what to expect when Debbie started working on Albert, but I will always be grateful for her skill. 

Lori Walker, LCSW

I recently fractured 2 bones in my left hand as the result of a fall. I received a Bowen treatment from Debbie almost immediately after the fall and several treatments thereafter. The aggravating and radiating pain was greatly relieved. The orthopedist who casted my fractured hand was amazed at the rapid rate of healing. In a separate incident of a painful pulled muscle in my leg, Debbie once again performed a Bowen treatment and I experienced immediate relief followed shortly after by a pain free leg. I would not hesitate to recommend Bowen treatments given by Debbie to anyone.

Joan Reitleback
Carmichael, CA

As the result of various sports injuries and a severe auto accident I was reduced to sleeping 4 hours a night in a sitting position in order to get any rest. Thanks to Debbie and her Bowen treatments I now get as much restful sleep as I want and move without pain. It has made a huge difference in my ability to lead a happy, productive life.

Ted Smith
Diamond Springs, CA

"Debbie and the work she performs on animals are a perfect match. Her passion and profound love for animals is very obvious through the personal care she gives each one of them. The results she achieves using Bowen is truly extraordinary.

Raymond Augustyniack, Ph.D.,
Sacramento, CA